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ARC PROGRAMS: The Journey to Consciousness

The Journey to Consciousness Program


You cannot hide.

What you feel now is being displayed in this moment for all to see.

Your history and reaction to what you are reading is showing up right now in your body language.

The body holds no secrets. It is transparent, truthful, and authentic, and seeking freedom to be heard and seen.

The Journey to Consciousness Program provides the training, skills, and tools to respond to body language.


“When working as a therapist 25 years ago, I discovered that the key to my clients realizing their health goals was by following their body language and then creating questions from their presented body language. I called this technique BodySpeak.

I later discovered that BodySpeak could be successfully adapted to any conversation –whether personal or business. After taking my courses, couples began using BodySpeak to deepen intimacy, parents to connect with their children, dating couples to have authentic conversations on a first date.

As a business tool, the ability to observe body language has proven to be ideal for job interviewing, patient or client assessment, improved customer service, and classroom teaching – to name a few applications ”
– Pietro Abela, ARC Bodywork Therapist, Creator of BodySpeak, and Founder of The ARC Institute.

Use BodySpeak as an occasional adjunct to your health modality, customer service, teaching profession, and for improved family or social communication.


Learn to be a practitioner of ARC Bodywork Therapy: a unique, powerful healt care method which successfully combines BodySpeak with on-table bodywork.

The Journey to Consciousness program teaches:

  • How to ask questions from presented body language.
  • Essential dialogue techniques to improve communication skills.
  • A dependable communication model to providing safe and effective emotional support for anyone in need.
  • How to neutralize the stresses underlying physical symptoms.
  • How to combine Therapeutic Dialogue or BodySpeak with ARC Bodywork or any existing bodywork form, such as massage, Reiki, or Healing Touch. 

All participants have the option of taking The Journey to Consciousness Program solely for their own self-development and self care, or to become a professional Health Practitioner. 

The Journey to Consciousness Program will deepen the effectiveness of your current caregiver role or health-care modality.

The Journey to Consciousness Program provides the skills to become a companion on another’s personal growth journey, help resolve stresses, traumas, lingering issues and concerns, and to assist people to move beyond their limitations and ultimately reach their individual health goals.

In The Journey to Consciousness Program your first point of discovery is yourself. Our own personal growth and subsequent self-awareness is foundational to being in service to others.

Working through our own issues and limitations provides an attainment of greater self-awareness and at the same time, the skills to help others work through their own issues and limitations.

As a student of The Journey to Consciousness Program you will receive:

The ability to discern daily stresses, and personal issues reveal themselves within body language.

Gain understanding of how ongoing personal and family lifestyle challenges can be linked to the prevalence of emotional issues or unresolved trauma.

Discover a reliable model of the emotional system for application in resolving your own issues as well as the issues of anyone in need.

Become an authentic caregiver: one who provides a model of self-care and nuturance for clients, customers, family, and friends. 

Learn a new hands-on bodywork method that can be optionally used with therapeutic dialogue or as a seperate healing modality.

Explore The Journey to Consciousness dynamic understanding of the human growth process through the ARC Personal Growth Map - a guide to the various stages we all pass through in the self-development process.


The Journey to Consciousness is ideal for:

  • Exploring how personal growth creates an improved lifestyle.
  • Developing deeper intimacy in relationships using new conversational tools for everyday social interactions. 
  • Caregivers and health care professionals who wish to use body language indicators to optimize their responses to client’s needs.
  • Counsellors, educators, and health care professionals who wish to understand the emotional components behind physical issues.
  • Parents wishing to enhance their own communication skills for healthier and supportive interactions with their children and family.

You cannot hide.

What you feel now is being displayed in this moment for all to see.

Your reaction to what you are reading is showing up right now in your body language.

Your entire history is there for all to see - within your body language.

The body holds no secrets.  It is transparent, truthful, and authentic, and has no interest in hiding the slightest issue or concern. 

woman-arms-raised.jpgHow is the Program Structured?

The Journey to Consciousness is a series of six courses, consisting of a weekend of intensive work spread out over a period of twelve to eighteen months. The courses follow sequential steps for building a solid foundation of knowledge.


The ARC Certification Program

All participants have the option of taking The Journey to Consciousness Program solely for their own self-development and interest and/or to learn how to provide professional or non-professional care and support for others. 

All participants of The Journey to Consciousness Program are given the option to enroll in the ARC Certification Program for professional certification as an ARC Health Practitioner.

Each course provides assignments to support and hone your care giving skills. 

Each assignment involves assigned reading, self-development exploration based on the course material, and practice sessions with clients.

Personal assignment review session are available to you at an additional cost, which includes an invitation to question/answer discussion groups between courses.

Students who enroll in The Journey to Consciousness Program primarily for their own personal development will find that the assignments will enhance both their professional or non-professional development and personal growth experience.

In The Journey to Consciousness Program You Can Expect to Learn:

  • The ARC Personal Growth Map: a guide and dynamic understanding of yourself and others through the various stages on the personal growth journey.
  • The effect that stress, overwhelming problems, and emotional issues have upon relationships, careers, money management, parenting, diet and the lifestyles we choose – and how to decrease their influence.
  • Fully-focused listening: the ability to help the people you care for feel seen and heard.
  • How to ask questions based not only on what someone is saying, but also on their unique body language to elicit authentic responses.
  • A fluid understanding of a powerful communications tool called BodySpeak.
  • The ability to create a confident and safe therapeutic or social environment.
  • How to return to the ability to play, have fun and enjoy the creative process of living.

The Learning Environment

The Journey to Consciousness is purely experiential, and respectful of your timing within the personal growth process. Consequently, you grow with the program. 

The Journey to Consciousness Program helps you discern appropriate daily life decisions. Freedom is knowing you have the choice to steer your life in whatever direction and way you choose. 

The Journey to Consciousness Program offers personal one-on-one guidance and support from the instructor and teaching staff, regardless of previous experience in personal growth or care giving experiences.

Students describe The Journey to Consciousness Program as an experience of “being-in-it-together.” This sense of community traditionally leads to growing trust, safety, and intimacy between students, and the birth of life-long friendships.

The Essential Keys to The Journey to Consciousness:

If you want to care for others effectively, you must first care for yourself.

If you want to love others deeply, you must first have profound love for yourself.

If you want to lead others successfully, you must seek to be in command of yourself.

The Journey to Consciousness puts you in the driver’s seat. It brings you home to your Authentic Self.

Course Descriptions & Testimonials

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The Gateway Courses are ARC's introductory workshops. Completion of at least one Gateway Course is a prerequisite to The Journey to Consciousness and The Traveler's Guide to Presence Programs.  more >


The Journey to Consciousness is a program designed to support the unique path of your personal growth process and at the same time, provide you with the skills to assist others in their own growth process.  more >


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