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The Gateway Courses give you a strong foundation to proceed with other ARC courses. However, the Gateway Courses are far more than a taste of what is to come. Our Gateway Courses produce results.


The Essence of ARC


The Essence of ARC is an excellent introduction to The Journey to Consciousness and A Path to Authenticity Program.

In addition to gaining a perspective on what is to come in both of these programs, you will learn:

  • Open-hearted listening as a tool for creating intimacy in your life
  • How we communicate through unconscious body language
  • Why stresses and emotions influence physical pain, discomfort and disease
  • Effective hands-on healing techniques for cleansing, release and renewal of past traumas 
  • Self-care to sustain yourself while attending to another’s needs

Whether or not you are a caregiver or someone dedicated to personal self-discovery, you will leave The Essence of ARC with invaluable tools that will assist you in creating fulfilling relationships with others.

Your ARC Instructor will provide the one-on-one supervision and guidance which will nurture the emergence or the honing of your unique, intrinsic healing gifts. Learn how to easily apply them for the benefit of yourself, friends, family or clients. 

The Essence of ARC is a conscious step toward healthier living, deeper relationships, and the manifestation of your passions.

The BodySpeak Workshop


The BodySpeak Workshop opens new doors into personal growth and process work. 

The BodySpeak Workshop introduces you to BodySpeak – a simple 8-step dialogue technique and a powerful creative communications tool. 

BodySpeak has been described as a profoundly respectful process where the listener is expected to know the questions but never the answers. 

BodySpeak asks the questions that draw upon the body’s own wisdom and helps the body remember in a safe and gentle way. 

Facilitators of BodySpeak quickly discover how to form questions based both on the story that is presented as well as the unconscious language and information people provide. This fascinating study provides a window into seeing what lies beneath a person’s surface behaviour and opens the door to providing for needs that often go unrealized and unheard. 

BodySpeak is a gentle, effective body-based dialogue technique that takes any health-care modality and training to a deeper level.

BodySpeak is currently being used effectively in school and college teaching, health-care, business management, counselling professions, senior care, parenting and personal relationships. 

Additionally you will learn:

  • How to facilitate emotional release
  • The use of unconscious language to identify the difference between head-talk and body-based communication
  • The art of creating questions that reach core issues quickly and effectively 
  • How to create and maintain emotional safety and trust for another person
  • Powerful techniques that allow you to be present for yourself while retaining Presence for another 

Participants of The BodySpeak Workshop receive extensive supervision on all BodySpeak techniques from the founder of The ARC Institute, Pietro Abela. 

Presence and Possibility


Presence and Possibility provides the clarity, direction and empowerment to fully and authentically live your life. This will provide a whole new perspective and approach to your career and your relationships.

Presence and Possibility is a Gateway Introductory course and a pre-requisite to taking A Path to Authenticity and The Journey to Consciousness Programs.

You will learn about: 

The Importance and Value of Presence in Creating Intimacy: How Presence gives you the power to withstand stress, feel safe inside and ultimately become comfortable living in your own skin.

The Influence and Effects of Anxiety: If anxiety has free reign beneath your conscious awareness you make choices out of scarcity, pull back from taking necessary risks and opt for being overly safe and comfortable rather than challenging yourself. Learn how to overcome your anxieties and to comfortably stretch beyond your limitations.  

The Addiction Factor: Broadens the criteria of addiction well beyond the traditional perceptions of drugs, alcohol and smoking. ARC’s definition of addiction includes any behaviour we are overly attached to. Learn how to free yourself from workaholism, unfulfilling relationships, bingeing and the inability to speak your needs.       

Stepping Beyond Your Limitations: Discover why certain areas of your mind take over various parts of your life causing you to make unfulfilling, limiting choices. Learn the secret of inner boundaries and how to be in command of your own life. Make choices based on who you are now and who you wish to become, rather than who you once were. 

The Presence and Possibility journey shows you how to:

  • Adjust yourself to the stresses taking place around you
  • Know your limitations on any given day and stand within those limits
  • Feel safe enough within yourself to exude genuine self-confidence 
  • Know the road back to taking charge of your life  

If you feel life is in control of you, this is your invitation to learn how to take charge of your life!


The Gateway Courses are ARC's introductory workshops. Completion of at least one Gateway Course is a prerequisite to The Journey to Consciousness and The Traveler's Guide to Presence Programs.  more >


The Journey to Consciousness is a program designed to support the unique path of your personal growth process and at the same time, provide you with the skills to assist others in their own growth process.  more >


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A Path to Authenticity is the ARC Program that exclusively focuses on the exploration of personal change and self-discovery. It takes place in either a period of five weekend sessions spread over one year, or in a 10-day intensive retreat setting.  more >


Come experience ARC at one of our presentations. ARC presentations are educational, entertaining, dynamic and enriching. In an ARC presentation everyone leaves with a different perspective on life and the lives of those around them.  more >