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Come experience ARC at one of our presentations. ARC presentations are educational, entertaining, dynamic and enriching. In an ARC presentation everyone leaves with a different perspective on life and the lives of those around them.

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When Stress Creates
Physical Symptoms

We live in the “I’m fine” culture. Ask of someone, “How are you?” The inevitable response is, “I’m fine,” or maybe, “I’m good.” As a society, we seem to ignore the reality that, as complex beings, a myriad of emotions, responses, feelings and perspectives are taking place at any one time inside each one of us.

Just as minorities in the United States, Great Britain and Canada were denied the right to vote until relatively recently, for many, if not most people, emotions and feelings are still denied sufficient representation. 

In this dynamic, interactive presentation Pietro and Melanie Abela link together the under-representation of emotions and feelings to physical outcomes and equate this internal phenomenon to world events taking place right now. 

As Pietro Abela states in his forthcoming book, A Return to Consciousness

“If our stresses and feelings are not represented sufficiently,
they will eventually seek radical ways to represent themselves.”

Physical symptoms can be one form of radical outlet. If an interactive connection between emotions and physical outcome exists, it may be reasonable to assume that pain, discomfort, flu and colds, arthritis and other physical challenges may be prevented, reduced, or even eliminated when feelings, emotions and stresses receive sufficient representation - because our emotions, feelings and stresses would not need to resort physical means to represent themselves.

Join us to learn the keys to healthier emotional self-representation!

Duration: 2 Hours 

Why We Sabotage Ourselves!

How Self-sabotage is Indicator of Successful Change

Do you have limited success with dieting because you end up bingeing or giving into the forbidden foods every time? Do you make the intention to change as a person but inevitably end up going back to old unhealthy ways? When you self-sabotage, do you feel a failure and end up beating yourself up? 

Whether we choose to change and become better parents or partners in our relationships, more proficient in our work or simply more caring or loving people, whenever we step onto the road of personal change we risk a face-to-face encounter with sabotage. Self-sabotage can be so strong it sometimes succeeds in de-railing us, knocking us off track and exposing us to crippling feelings of failure and guilt.

In this evening presentation, founders of The ARC Institute and international speakers, Pietro and Melanie Abela, create a new framework of understanding for sabotage. Join them and learn how sabotage is predictable and preventable, and one of the prime indicators of successful movement towards change. Discover how to foresee potential self-sabotage situations before they happen. Find out the quickest and most efficient ways to move out of sabotage and back onto the path of change and self-improvement. 

How Not to be Afraid of Anger

The majority of us have had exposure to rage and very little experience of anger. Consequently, most people think they are afraid of anger when in fact it is rage they are afraid of. 

It is hard not to be fearful, if not wary of rage when:

  • Rage may have been a parenting tool in our upbringing
  • We might have been exposed to rageful people
  • We see rage in action nightly on our television screens. 
  • We don’t have the skills to respond to enraged people

Rage is anger gone out-of-control!

Anger is a healthy, necessary emotion. Healthy use of anger has a myriad of benefits: from a healthier immune system, increased longevity to – surprisingly - feeling calm, less stressed and more relaxed. 

The dynamic presentation breaks the societal myth that anger must be avoided at all costs. By the end of this two-hour presentation you will understand the difference between anger and rage and learn the skills to begin cultivating a healthy relationship with your own anger.

A healthy relationship with anger means:

You decide the appropriateness and level of its use in any given situation.

Ironically, those who enjoy a healthy anger relationship tend to experience anger less.

Join Pietro and Melanie Abela to learn the secrets and immense benefits of a healthy emotional life! 

Open-Hearted Communication

Is communication a challenge for you? Do you tend to communicate from your head rather than your heart? Do you know the difference? Are you happy with how people respond to your communication? 

In this evening class co-founders of The ARC Institute, Pietro and Melanie Abela, extract essential themes from the ARC program, to teach some of the keys to communicating with an open heart. Open-hearted communication is authentic, inviting, intimate and safe. It requires inner safety, reflection and the ability to listen with full conscious awareness. Learn how to recognize the subtle body language that lies beneath the words we use in conversation and how it influences the choice of language. Pietro and Melanie will demonstrate ways to use unconscious verbal and body language as tools to create heart-felt communicate with others. There will be simple supervised practice sessions to learn these skills. This evening class is ideal for those wishing to enhance their communication skills with friends, family as well with clients from both a professional and non-professional perspective.

Duration: 2 Hours 

Burnout & Energy Management

As Americans and Canadians we devote more hours to our careers than any other nation in the world. Burnout can be a silent killer; a condition that can easily creep up on us without ever realizing its presence until it is too late. This class identifies the four stages intrinsic to burnout: fatigue, exhaustion and burnout. 

Through energy management we can successfully avoid and remedy each of these states. ARC Founders, Pietro and Melanie Abela, lead you through a series of exercises and power meditations that will stimulate your energy, provide rejuvenation as well show you ways to better recognize when you have crossed over the threshold into energy loss. Identifying the times you lose energy will automatically create a life of greater creativity and vitality alongside one of peace and calmness. 

This presentation is ideal for all caregivers, parents, teachers and anyone who wants to give a little something to themselves.

Duration: 2 Hours

An Evening of Supervision

This mini workshop is ideal for all professional healers and bodyworkers as well as those attracted to hands-on work but have little or no formal training. Through lecture and exercise ARC Founder Pietro Abela demonstrates how Presence is the key to enhancing awareness of your client's health issues. Discover how sustaining self-awareness substantially increases your effectiveness as a caregiver.

In the second half of the evening Pietro will utilize his extensive professional knowledge and experience to give individual insight and personal hands-on guidance to support you on the road to reaching your highest healing abilities. Learn how to give your clients the most effective healing experience. This presentation compliments any health modality.  

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Creative Codependence:
Getting More Out of Life

Codependence is a label that many of us shy away from. The word conjures up images of helpless, needy souls pleading, begging to be liked. 

But what if that wasn’t the entire picture? 

What if being independent, strong and in control were also symptoms of codependence?  What if codependence was simply a creative way we learned as children to get our needs met?  And what if that same creativity could be used to meet those needs more effectively today? 

Join Jo-Ann Svensson of The ARC Institute in this full day workshop as she compassionately explores codependence. Through discussion and exercises, she will demonstrate the idea that codependence is a unique and healing journey towards reclaiming our wholeness.

Duration: 2 hours

ARC Circle Workshop

Facilitated by Heather Faris

Circle creates a transition from the mundane to the sacred. It has been used throughout generations as a meeting place, a place where community members come together in equality to speak, be heard and honored in their personal journey. Join me in this sacred circle to learn the process of witnessing – to be acknowledged and to acknowledge others in a deep and respectful way.

On this evening we will:

  • Create space to have our inner world witnessed 
  • Learn and practice the process of witnessing 
  • Deepen awareness of Self while in relationship to others 
  • Utilize group energy to support us in our individual process 
  • Explore symbols to give form and acknowledgement to our personal journey (inner world) 
  • Engage process work in a non-linear way through creative projects (using various mediums) 

Duration: 2.5 hours

Authentic Relationships:
An Exploration of Transference

Transference is about relating to another as if they were someone from your past. Although it is part of the human condition it inhibits us from being authentic with others and more importantly, our selves.

Jo-Ann Svensson will show in this evening presentation how to transform this every day human dynamic into a tool of self empowerment. Through experiential self-reflection and discussion she will demonstrate how to identify when we are in transference and what tools are needed to get ourselves out of it. 

Duration: 2 hours

Group Healing

It is well known that more hands provide more energy and, at times, greater healing potential. This class teaches, demonstrates and constructs the ways to provide highly effective group healings. The secret is not so much how many members there are in the group, but where those group members are placed.

When participants are strategically placed according to laws of sacred geometry the amount of energy produced can be enormous. This class teaches these placements as well as how to synchronize on-table treatments. All class participants will have the opportunity both to be a member of a group healing and to receive a group energy healing.

Duration: 2.5 Hours 

A Hands-On Approach to the Treatment of Shock

It is possible to be in a state of shock long after a traumatic event. As long as shock is present in the system recovery is hampered. This day-long class demonstrates how balancing the meridian system along with some simple dialogue techniques serve to support moving through this state and embrace the healing process so they can resume a normal life.

This class is perfectly suited for yourself and enhancing the current skills of any health practitioner as well as those who have no formal training. This is also an ideal way to become acquainted with ARC, its teachings and an opportunity to learn a method that has proven to be highly effective in treatment of this condition.

Duration: 8 Hours


The Gateway Courses are ARC's introductory workshops. Completion of at least one Gateway Course is a prerequisite to The Journey to Consciousness and The Traveler's Guide to Presence Programs.  more >


The Journey to Consciousness is a program designed to support the unique path of your personal growth process and at the same time, provide you with the skills to assist others in their own growth process.  more >


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A Path to Authenticity is the ARC Program that exclusively focuses on the exploration of personal change and self-discovery. It takes place in either a period of five weekend sessions spread over one year, or in a 10-day intensive retreat setting.  more >


Come experience ARC at one of our presentations. ARC presentations are educational, entertaining, dynamic and enriching. In an ARC presentation everyone leaves with a different perspective on life and the lives of those around them.  more >