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BodySpeak opens new doors into personal growth and process work. 

BodySpeak is gentle and safe. It results in people experiencing sustained relief, a discovery of personal strengths, and an authentic feeling of being in charge of their own lives.

In this way, using BodySpeak, people realize their emotional, physical, and spiritual health goals.” 

BodySpeak is a profoundly respectful process where the caregiver is expected to know the questions but never the answers. 

BodySpeak is an 8-step dialogue technique and a powerful creative communications process. 

BodySpeak asks the questions that draw upon the body’s own wisdom and helps the body remember in a safe and gentle way.

Facilitators of BodySpeak quickly discover how to form questions based both on the story that is presented as well as the unconscious language and direct information clients provide. This fascinating process provides the window into seeing what lies beneath a person’s surface behaviour and opens the door to providing for needs that often go unrealized and unheard. 


An Excerpt from an Interview with Pietro Abela

“In my early years as a bodywork practitioner I was successful to the point where most of my clients gained relief from their physical ailments. However, most needed to return for further sessions and continue to be reliant on my work for their continued relief.

By adding BodySpeak to my work my clients developed self-reliance and became empowered, creating a dramatic increase in those who were able to meet and sustain their health goals.

My practice flourished, and remains at full capacity to this day, twenty-six years later.

Though on-table talk with my clients, I discovered that their physical conditions and lifestyle choices were strongly influenced by their internal emotional organization, and that people reorganized themselves emotionally after having encountered and coped with recent or past stresses and traumas.

This is similar to the gentle flow of a river having to compensate for the rocks and boulders in its path. The rocks will influence the river’s flow. Upon encountering the rocks the river may move faster and more urgently, often changing course and direction, even in some cases becoming raging rapids.

The rocks impact the river’s flow.

I found that clients’ internal organization could be gently re-trained when BodySpeak, a natural body-based dialogue was used in their sessions. 

BodySpeak is currently being used effectively in school and college teaching programs, health-care facilities, business management, counselling professions, senior care, parenting and personal relationships. 


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