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The ARC Institute is a school of consciousness.  
ARC stands for A Return to Consciousness.  

A Return to Consciousness is a return to your Authentic Self. It is coming home to who you really are.

When you are living in and from your Authentic Self, you are living from your heart and from your power. You feel safe to be who you are, safe to express yourself and safe to be intimate in your relationships.

Others will recognize your authenticity and feel safer around you. The relationships you have with your spouse, your partner, your children and family members will reach levels of intimacy you hoped for but perhaps thought were impossible to achieve.

As you become more authentic, you begin making choices for yourself that are less about who you once were, but more about who you are now and who you wish to become.

As you become more authentic, you protect yourself less from the anticipation of trauma and become a willing participant in life.

Authenticity is the feeling of being in command of your life, rather than your life being in command of you. You interact with life, as opposed to feeling resistant or overwhelmed by your life.

Crossing the threshold into authenticity is entering a territory of greater freedom. 

This is not a freedom gained from the acquisition of fame and fortune. It is a freedom that comes from within, the freedom from anxiety - a freedom essentially earned, and continues to be earned.


As you become more authentic ... 

  • You hold yourself back less and bring yourself forth more.
  • You feel less anxiety and begin to feel greater calm.
  • You become more expressive and interactive.
  • You demand honesty and integrity from others, because you stand for honesty and integrity within yourself.
  • You have little tolerance for non-authenticity: for surface talk, for superficiality. 
  • You walk your walk. You talk your talk. You get real. You strive for greater authenticity in yourself and in your relationships.
  • You trust yourself, are willing and able to take inner advice, and at the same time, you are willing to consider and accept advice from others.
  • You pull back from self-anger and self-deprecating behaviors, and are willing to cut yourself slack when you fail to meet your own expectations or the expectations of others.
  • You are willing to be more compassionate, trusting and tolerant towards yourself.


The Gateway Courses are ARC's introductory workshops. Completion of at least one Gateway Course is a prerequisite to The Journey to Consciousness and The Traveler's Guide to Presence Programs.  more >


The Journey to Consciousness is a program designed to support the unique path of your personal growth process and at the same time, provide you with the skills to assist others in their own growth process.  more >


Please email for a scheduled time that you can book to speak with our Teachers or Practitioners through SKYPE.

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A Path to Authenticity is the ARC Program that exclusively focuses on the exploration of personal change and self-discovery. It takes place in either a period of five weekend sessions spread over one year, or in a 10-day intensive retreat setting.  more >


Come experience ARC at one of our presentations. ARC presentations are educational, entertaining, dynamic and enriching. In an ARC presentation everyone leaves with a different perspective on life and the lives of those around them.  more >